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    I turn 57 next month...

    I am on my 8th month of intermittent fasting and I am rebooting my life. I graduated from my 5K training and now I am embarking on my 10K. I am down to my 160+ range and targeting the 150s. I can’t go back. I need to move forward! The attached image is my 34 year old’s reaction to my training.
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    Proper running technique!

    Yeah, I think perhaps it meant to land on the ball of the foot. As a coach, I've seen some of my runners land more on their toes. Sometimes, because they've been running or walking like this since they've were young children, it's not something that's fixed, nor does it really need to be fixed since their entire body has adjusted to this style of walking/running. More importantly is that the foot is somewhat aligned to your hips and body when it strikes the ground.
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    Can I do this?

    Congratulations for taking this step. Getting doctor opinion is definitely critical. I would walk faster for the 1 min and slow down for the recovery. See how heart rate is then. You got this !
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    Back at it

    Fantastic - I can sense your determination, Coach ! We got this, indeed !
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    Way to go ! Please recognize it takes alot of strength to take a new direction. Stay strong in your decision !