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    Susan beaver

    Sue B

    Just joined at the suggestion of a friend! Over the past 4-5 months, I have been focused, lost some weight and have been disciplined in my eating and exercise habits. I do not want to fall 'off the wagon' again, as I have in the past. I hope to gain strength and stamina, improving my health, and hope to be able to run the 5K in September! Fingers crossed!
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    Getting Back Into It

    Hello! I used to run all the time - until I didn’t. I am a teacher and a mom. I am so exhausted after work and have little energy for weekend activities. I am hoping this program will give me the extra support I need to get back into running shape.
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    Hi. I am running for for the first time ever at 52. I always hit the gym , but never running. My ex husband suggested it. Loving it!!!
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