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    Just starting out!

    Hi Stacy, I am no expert but I just do what my body can while pushing the limits. Good luck and happy running!
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    Birthday Presents

    Thanks to both of you!
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    A blog about c25k worth reading!

    It was very helpful, to be sure, to know that we aren't the only ones who have a difficult time just zipping through the program.
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    Looking forward

    Hello everyone. My story is I am 58, 40lbs overweight and have just been told I am pre diabetic. I have been given to August to try to get my sugars under control or I may have to go on medication. I tried this app in 2017 but really just had a false start. I was a runner in high school but that was 40 years ago. Now I am motivated ....the cost of not doing this is too high so any tips/tricks and overall advice would truly be appreciated
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    Thank you so much, Silver Pie! I will go back to week 2 then, for now. That sounds more doable at the moment. I didn't have to repeat week 1 or 2 but now I've come to week 3 I'm kind of stuck. Thanks again for your support! I needed that. :-)
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    We will get there..
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    Just starting out!

    Hey there Stacy. The time limit is “as long as you need”! I promise you, there are plenty of us repeating weeks many times over. Just keep moving, you will get there!
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    Hi there my name is Stacy! I’m 36 in June I have a husband and a son. I am insulin resistant type 2 diabetic. I started the C25K training yesterday. My goal it to regulate my heart beat and my blood sugar anything else is icing on the cake!
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    As long as you keep trying you can’t fail. It’s when you quit that you fail.
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    Training for April 5k

    Me too, I am sticking with week 4. I got week 3 done twice.
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    Training for April 5k

    So, you two have helped me in the posts you write on this forum. I've decided to stick with the 3, 5, 3,5 week (week 4) for a while and see if extending the walking helps me get past this block I think I have.
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    Too Slow? Is it really running?

    I would think how fast you go is an individual choice. Some people might not be able to run any faster than someone else's fast walk. If you feel like you're running too slow, and you have the physical ability to go faster, then I would say go faster. If you're going as fast as you can already, but it seems like a fast walk, then you're doing the best you can and that's just fine.
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