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  1. Ask my wife. I am not a morning person at all. The fact my daughter wakes up at 7am even on weekends makes me an unhappy camper. BUT. Since I started C25K I have been running in the morning. Early. 5am to be exact. For me it was the only time that made sense where I thought I could run. With having a kid and job and house duties I couldn't figure out another time I thought I would actually run knowing me. So I set my alarm and get up. It helps that most days my wife is still sleeping so I can't hit snooze or anything. I have to literally hop out of bed and stop my alarm to not wake her and to make sure I get up. It's a struggle every day but I know I'm doing it for good reasons. My whole mentality over the last few weeks is JUST GET UP AND GO! Even today as it was pouring down rating I just got up and went. It sucked but it's another run closer to running a 5k. Hope any of that helps.
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