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    Welcome! This forum is for everyone who is new and just getting started. Questions? Post them in this forum and get answers from our community. Need help or guidance? This is your place. Please keep in mind that this forum is for beginners. Do you remember how it was when you first started? Any contribution can go a long way. Help others and please be polite. "If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else." – Booker T. Washington
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    Welcome to the Zen Labs Fitness forums! We have an awesome community of amazing individuals. Our forums is maintained by the community, for the community. Do good and be happy... Follow the guidelines. Be kind. We're all brothers and sisters here. Be kind to one another. Encourage everyone. Everyone has to start somewhere. If you're a newbie, don't be scared to ask questions. If you're experienced in any topic, jump in and help! A 1-2 minute response can go a long way. Do not... Spam. Flooding the forum with unhelpful and irrelevant posts is strongly discouraged. Please don't spam each other. No advertisements. Troll or Flame. Our community has a strict no-troll and no-flame policy. To "troll" is to intentionally post inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with intent of provoking a response. To "flame" is to insult fellow members of the community. Be inappropriate. No pornography and no illegal torrents. Have fun, meet new friends, and learn something new! We're all here for each other. Visit the guidelines for updated rules. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted" - Aesop
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    Hi , I have just downloaded the c25k app and am now terrified I have made this step. I am 54, obese and an avid couch hugger but have decided my life is passing me by and I am so unfit I don't know how to recover myself. I overheard someone talking about the app and a wee lightbulb came on in my head and I decided to give it a go......I think I have gone mad !! Not sure where to start....should I buy running shoes straight away , do I need Lycra ( omg I don't think the world is ready for a shock like that ) do I actually have to run on day one ...I don't usually walk never mind run. What do I need with me ..water, face wipes, sweat band , emergency whistle , flares ??? Oh lord , what have I let myself in for !!!
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    Hi, I am Seth, new here. Hope to find new friends and some information
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    I have never ever run in my life. I don't even exercise. I have a big family and many of them are runners (4 of them are running the Caldera Triple right now). My family makes fun of me for eating junk food and not exercising all the time and I'm so sick of it. I plan to run at night because I don't want them making fun of me if they find out I'm trying. So, as I run in secret, I hope this app and this community helps!
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    This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about our apps, or if you need support, please email us at contactus@zenlabsllc.com. Thanks! Q: The voice and beep is set to highest volume on the app. But how come I don't hear any voice cues? A: Here are a couple things to look for and keep in mind: 1) Please make sure that your device is not in vibrate/silent mode, as voice cues will not play when in this mode. Also please make sure all the voice/sound settings are correct (master volume is turned up). On iPhone devices there is a physical switch on the left side of the phone that when flipped, will keep the phone in vibrate mode. For iOS 7 and above devices, you can adjust the alerts sound volume in Settings (on your iOS device, not our app) → Sounds → Ringer and Alerts, which controls the sound when your device is locked. If this is not set properly, you will not hear any audio cues when device is locked. 2) Another thing to keep in mind with the new iOS is that you have to turn on Notifications inside your iOS settings for the app to be able to send you voice cues when your device is locked. Without this turned on, no voice cue will be played. 3) You can also try rebooting your device, or reinstalling the app. Q: The app is not remembering my progress / I lost all my data. Help! A: Please make sure to allow the workouts to be fully completed, meaning all the way to the social sharing screen, so that the app knows the workout is complete. You can also long press (Android) or double press (iOS) workouts to mark them as complete. You will see a check mark to signify a completed workout. Q: Where can I find the Myfitnesspal login on C25K Trainer app? A: The MyFitnessPal login is on the same screen as the Facebook/Twitter login in our C25K app, which is at the end of every workout. Please find the MFP icon there! Q: Ok, I found the Myfitnesspal login, but after pressing “send”, nothing is showing up on my MFP profile. A: Please allow some time for the results to be posted, as sometimes the MyFitnessPal servers could be slowed down due to heavy traffic. Another thing to try would be to refresh the home page of MyFitnessPal, to see if your results show. You can also try logging out and then back into your account through the official MyFitnessPal app. This should resolve most issues. Thanks! Q: How do I get the app to show up on my Apple Watch? A: You’ll need to open the Apple Watch app, and then scroll down until you find our app. Tap on it and you’ll see an option to “Show App on Apple Watch.”. Make sure that is on. Please remember to leave your device unlocked for the Apple Watch integration to work accurately. Navigate to settings and make sure “Always On (Disable Sleep)” is set to “On”. Also as an FYI, the watch is just an extension of the display of the phone. You have to start the app from the phone and can use your watch to check the time. You can pause and start, but can't start the app from the beginning. Q: Can I use the app on Apple Watch without my phone? A: You need to have the phone nearby in order for the watch to work. The app is not a standalone app on the watch, as it requires the phone to function properly. Q: What do I do if the app is misbehaving? A: Please try a hard-reset on your iPhone or iPod touch. Restarting frees up memory on your device, which is the cause of a lot of issues that are easily fixed by a simple restart. You can also try uninstalling and re-installing the app on your device. Make sure that you have the most updated version! Q: How to play music within the app / not finding my playlists? A: You need to first create a playlist on your device. Please refer to your device’s user manual on how to this. The playlist has to be created through the native music player app on your device (normally called “Music”), not a 3rd party music app (i.e. Google Play Music). Afterwards, you can access those playlists through the app. Q: How do I check progress such as calories and miles ran? A: After your run, you can tap the center dial to flip through your stats! You can see your calories burned as well as total distance ran. Q: How do I listen to music using 3rd party music app such as Pandora or Spotify? A: Please start the Pandora/Spotify app first, and have it run in the background. Then start our app, and the music should still run in the background. FYI our app cannot control music functions for Pandora/Spotify. Q: What is the difference between the pro and free version? A: The pro version has calorie and distance tracking, so our users can view all their stats from their run! It also removes ads from the bottom of the screen, as well as offering our users several more beautiful skins that they can customize the look of the app with! Q: Is there a community I can join that I can ask questions to? A: YES! There is a wonderful community on our Facebook page that is very active and passionate. You can post your question there, or create an account on our Forums and ask your question to the community there! Q: Can I use the treadmill to train? A: Of course! It is completely up to you on how you want to train. The only thing we advise is if you’re training for an actual race, that you get in some practice runs outdoors, as treadmill running and outdoor running is different from one another. Q: Is it ok to repeat days? A: It is perfectly normal to struggle with a workout, and completely fine to have to repeat that workout until you feel comfortable enough to move forward. It’s not a sprint! Take your time to build the stamina and strength you need. But don’t get complacent! You’re stronger than you think! Q: How do I get rid of initial popup screen everytime the app is launched? A: The Motivation screen that appears when first opening the app can be turned off in the settings tab! Many of our users enjoy the words of encouragement from this screen, but if you could do without it, you can easily turn it off. Q: Do I get charged again if I uninstall and re-install the app? A: Apple and Google handle the entire purchasing process, and once you purchase an app from their respective app stores, that info is stored in your profile. The app stores will not charge you again for re-downloading an app. If you believe some mistake was made with a charge, please contact Apple/Google directly. Q: I have the 10k Trainer app, but I can't find a way to sync my progress with Myfitnesspal. A: At this time, our partnership with Myfitnesspal is only with our C25K app. But we are working with MFP to integrate MFP functionality into all our other running apps as well! Feel free to shoot MFP an email and request this feature! We want it too! Q: I just graduated from the 10k app, and now want to start training with half/full marathon app! What week should I start from? A: The Marathon Trainer’s program is significantly different from the C25K/10K Trainer, so there is no direct bridge. Having said that, many of our 10K graduates have found that week 7 of the Marathon Trainer is a good place to start if you are comfortable with your fitness level. Please keep in mind that our half/full Marathon app was designed for true beginner runners, and the end goal is to have our users be able to complete a full 13.1/26.2 mile race, utilizing a walk/run interval. So you are not running the entire race. You are utilizing a “run for 4 mins / walk for 1 min” cycle the entire way. Q: How can I get the most accurate results for the distance tracker on my running apps or the Pedometer app? A: There are a couple things that you can do to improve the accuracy: For users using the later iOS devices with M8 Motion Coprocessor chip, the app pulls data from the M8 chip, so what you’re seeing is data directly from iOS Healthkit itself. For users on older iOS devices without M8 chip, here are some tips: 1) Turn on GPS, as this helps the app use your coordinates to better calculate your distance. 2) Please also keep in mind where you are placing your device during your run. The ideal place would be in your pant/shorts pocket, or in an armband. The app uses vibrations and motion to estimate steps, so if the device is, for example, in your breast pocket, than the count may not be as accurate due to the relative minimal movement in that location. For Android users: 1) Make sure to enter in your height inside the settings of the app, as this will help determine your stride length and better calculate your distance. 2) Turn on GPS, as this helps the app use your coordinates to better calculate your distance. 3) Please also keep in mind where you are placing your device during your run. The ideal place would be in your pant/shorts pocket, or in an armband. The app uses vibrations and motion to estimate steps, so if the device is, for example, in your breast pocket, than the count may not be as accurate due to the relative minimal movement in that location. 4) Adjust the "Sensitivity" option of the app. If the app is short on distance, then adjust it to be “more” sensitive. If the app is over calculating distance, then lower the sensitivity. Q: What are some good warmup exercises to do before starting any of the Challenge (Pushups/Situps/Pullups/Squats) apps? A: Some good ones in general are jumping jacks or running in place. This is just to get the heart rate going. Some of our users like to stretch the muscles that they are about to exercise (chest, glutes, abs) etc. Different users have different favorite stretches for target muscles. And some users skip all together the warm up stage. So this is completely up to you.
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    Hi everyone! I've never really done anything like this before. I was born with a few heart defects and haven't really been allowed to exercise until now. I've always wanted to run a 5K but never had someone to motivate me or was allowed. I got the okay from my cardiologist to start running. My goal is to run a 5K by middle of September. This goal means a lot to me. Middle of September will be three years since my most recent open heart surgery. So to run 3 mile by my 3rd anniversary will be awesome. I hope I can stay motivated and accomplish this goal!
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    Hi, my name is Chris and this is my 2nd try. I made it to around week 4 last year but didn't keep it up. I really want to do this.....mostly for my health as I am 51 with young kids and also because 2 of my kids have become lovers of running.
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    I run in spurts, and am always starting over. I decided to embrace it: I am a person who likes challenges and routines but gets bored doing the same thing all the time. 4 years ago I completed the half marathon trainer and really enjoyed it. I have decided to do the marathon trainer because I know I can do a run-walk program, I am not trying to lose weight (although a few lbs would be nice). I adhere to healthy eating and practice yoga 6 days a week. I already know I like the program, I don't like just running because it is too wearing on my body and boring. I am a 64 yo grandmother and can't wait to accomplish the goal of completing the program.
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    I am trying to integrate this app with my fitness pal and I don't see how that's possible. It redirects me here and I don't see anything
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    Check out the article on our blog with great tips from an expert on proper body form when running. These tips will help reduce the risk of injury, as well as help you get the most out of your workout! http://www.zenlabsfitness.com/learning-proper-running-technique/ Comment here in this post if you have tried these techniques, and what has worked best for you.
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    I am preparing to walk out my front door in just a few minutes to begin my lifestyle change. I am 52 years old and a year ago I weighed 228 pounds. I carried this on my 5ft 3 inch frame. Both of my anterior knees were replaced 3 years ago. I was prediabetic, high blood pressure, horrible joint pain. I had gastric sleeve surgery in August of 2015. My weight is down to 169. I feel better. However I know that I can do better by adding exercise to my program. I am committed, I was an athlete in my youth and I intend to become one and maintain the status for the rest of my life. On my way now.
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    Hi I'm new too. Im starting this program for the first time. I walk a lot, about 5 miles 5 days a week and I would like to start running. Figured this is the beat way to begin.
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    Hi, I'm new too. I'm a 43 years old mother and I'm over weight. I would like to do some sport to loss my weight and make my life more healthy. About the apps, do I run three days a week only?
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    Hi I'm Jennifer - Newby Runner. I am new and need some serious motivation. I have never been a runner and I'm not sure I ever will but I figured I'd give it a go! Good luck Kimberly, Seth & Annie
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    Running on a treadmill is safer. After a sexual assault 35 years ago when I was running at age 14, I find that the treadmill brings me the peace that I can't get outdoors (where I always feel like someone is behind me, even today, even after years of therapy.) But nothing can stop me from running! . Bring on that belt. I love it!
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    Good luck to you, I'm 51, not overweight but far from fit and with high blood pressure. Currently just started week 5. Seriously never think I can do it every time I go out but have managed to get through every day so far, although the heat is not doing me any favours! You're stronger than you think you are! My aim is to run a 5k with my 24 yr old daughter
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    Long story short. I was 8 when my mom suddenly passed away from a stroke. I was 8. Growing up, I dreaded my 36th birthday. I was terrified to my core about that day. I wasn't sure if I was afraid of outliving her or that I wouldn't outlive her. I decided a week or so before my 36th birthday (1/28/17), that my 36 would be different than hers. I was overweight by almost 100 pounds and knew it was time. I owed it to her to be better. I made an appointment with my doctor and had a full panel drawn. I was pre-diabetic, low in Vitamin B and D, and my hormones were a mess. I was sick. With the help of a wonderful doctor, I've gotten my levels back where they should be and taken control of my diet. I've lost 27 pounds so far. I feel amazing and am looking forward to my healthy journey. So I've decided to throw some running in. Can't wait to get going!
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    Hey everyone! Don't forget to check out our blogs for great running tips, from breathing technique, stretching, shin splints and first race tips! Here is the article on breathing techniques to try: http://www.zenlabsfitness.com/perfecting-your-breathing-technique-during-running/ Happy running and namaste! Zen Labs Fitness team
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    I would stay with week 3 and try to complete it. Do not worry about the distance, just stay steady, distract yourself with music and put one foot in front of the other.
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    Ok, Post your workouts here Everyday. I am back on it. Today was T25 Beta Cardio and Leg Weight Training. Feel Great! Happy Monday!
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    Hi All..... Im Steve, Obese, old (50 in 2 weeks), unfit...long time since any exercise....have asthma....avid xbox gamer....tried HIIT ...failed miserably day 1 managed to do the warm up on it only...someone mention c25k ....i dont run,,,for about 25 years havent run lol.....but....wait for it.....i downloaded the app....wow....and have just competed day 1.....cant believe it.....never thought i could run 60 seconds let alone do it 8 times lol....chuffed to bits....
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    Just finished my first workout and I'm tired, but pleased. Now, time to get ready for work.
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    I just finished the eight week program. I am going to restart it again and this time incorporate hills. This is an awesome program! I was not able to get to a 10 minute mile but I believe that is ok. I finished a 5k in 44:44. Which is awesome for me! I have also lost 30ld in these last two months.
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    Trying to start my new fitness journey
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    Hi my name is Steve and Im just a few years older but in similar position. Did my first run last night and was surprised how I felt this morning. Certainly feels good to be that bit more active.
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    Feelin great! Like i really accomplished something. I dont do that alot lol.
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    Hi I am Lynette 50yrs old! Just attempted wk1 day 1 and only got halfway sadly. Sooo unfit. Will repeat it till I get it!
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    It is so encouraging to read that other people experience similar things. Since my original post I have managed to get to week 5 run 3.. 20mins running no walking! I didn't manage it.. I managed 10mins running, 3 mins walking and 7mins running.. I am not discouraged because when I started c25k I coukd barely run anything at all! Let's keep going, we are in it together!
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    Just finished Week 1, Day 1 & i'm beat. My body feels great though & super refreshed!!! Does anyone know how to see how many miles you ran or calories you lost while doing this? Thx☺️
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    Week 5 Day 3 conquered at last..!! Felt like I could have run a couple more minutes extra after completing it..!!
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    Hi everyone, this running thing is all new to me before today I hadn't ran the length of myself since highschool. I got asked by a few work mates to do a 10k run and I begrudgingly agreed to start some training. Just completed w1d1 and I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. The app is really helpful kept me motivated along with my awesome playlist. Hope that readings everyone's tips and journeys will add to my motivation. Best of luck everyone.
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    I am just starting to use this app today and would love some new Fitbit friends to keep me accountable. My email to the account is tracyroe27@yahoo.com
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    trying to get back in shape post baby, looking for someone to do the challenge with! Starting Monday!
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    Jessie: running will help some as it is a great core excercise but the biggest factor in having a visible six pack is losing belly fat. Everyone has a six pack but in those individuals who don't have a visible six pack, it is simply covered by a layer of belly fat. Eat healthy, run, and do other abdominal exercises and it will eventually show, but 1 month will take some work. Best of luck
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    ¡Hola! just downloaded app, I'm flat footed and suffer great pain just by walking alone; I wonder if anybody has any tips for me? I really want to be active. Thanks in advance.
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    I too just downloaded this app and am not a runner yet. I want to run a 5k by my 55th birthday in March. It's on my bucket list and I need motivation and a kick in the pants. I can walk the 5k but I want to run it. Maybe moving to 10k by 57. Thank you. Looking forward to my feet running soon.
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    This is the second time i've done C25K. Both times i've accelerated it.Last time I did.it outside Dec to Feb in South Texas and ran 3 days and took 1 day off.This time I am running on a treadmill... Much too hot to run outside I run 6 days a week, currently on week 6 day 2 and very mindful of aches and pains.I resistance train to try to avoid injury. I broke.my talus.in 2013so being.very.careful and.going very slow. I'm 51 I walk.at 2.6 mph and run at 3.2 (snailpace) but I reach peak heart rate at that speed and it's a tough work out, but.not reinjuring my foot is the priority I dont feel the need to go faster right now
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    Hi everyone I'm Kimberly(Totallychanging), I'm new to the group and hopefully will run my 1st 5K in October for my 43rd birthday. Hope to meet some great people on this Totallychanging journey to a healthier ME!
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    I have this one. I needed something affordable as well. I have had it for about 4 years now and I use it 3-4 times a week. As long as you take care of it, it should last you awhile.
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    Hi everyone. I'm thinking of purchasing a Sole F63 (I'm on a budget). Do you recommend this treadmill? Any others (under $1k)? Cheers
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    "you want to make sure your legs are in such a position that your foot lands directly over your toes." What the heck does that mean?
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    DeeB, start with walking and try slow jogging. Do not rush. These extra pounds, we are carrying, can do a number on our joins...
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    Yeah holter. I hope its ok. I hear friday. Then I hope to be running again.
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    My daughter did fit girls and lost around 80 pounds! It's mostly just cleaner eating, meal prep so you don't have to cook every day and excercise as you can.
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    Has anyone trained on a treadmill for a 5k? So I am in TX and while I prefer to run outside, the weather lately has been prohibitive. So I am probably going to train mostly on the treadmill. But my end goal is to run a 5k. Has anyone done it? Thanks, Heather
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    http://www.zenlabsfitness.com/how-the-8020-diet-can-help-improve-your-health/ What Is The 80/20 Rule? The 80/20 rule basically states that you should be ‘on’ the plan around 80% of the time, which then allows you time to have freedom and flexibility the other 20% of the time. Most people when they first start out on a healthy eating plan expect themselves to be 100% healthy 24/7.
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    There should be an app called "Music". You click on it and when you have it open, you click on the top right corner, the button with 3 lines and an X. You name the playlist. Then you click on playlists on the left and your new playlist should be there. You then drag your songs into that.