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    Hi everyone! I've never really done anything like this before. I was born with a few heart defects and haven't really been allowed to exercise until now. I've always wanted to run a 5K but never had someone to motivate me or was allowed. I got the okay from my cardiologist to start running. My goal is to run a 5K by middle of September. This goal means a lot to me. Middle of September will be three years since my most recent open heart surgery. So to run 3 mile by my 3rd anniversary will be awesome. I hope I can stay motivated and accomplish this goal!
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    I run in spurts, and am always starting over. I decided to embrace it: I am a person who likes challenges and routines but gets bored doing the same thing all the time. 4 years ago I completed the half marathon trainer and really enjoyed it. I have decided to do the marathon trainer because I know I can do a run-walk program, I am not trying to lose weight (although a few lbs would be nice). I adhere to healthy eating and practice yoga 6 days a week. I already know I like the program, I don't like just running because it is too wearing on my body and boring. I am a 64 yo grandmother and can't wait to accomplish the goal of completing the program.
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    I'm new here & looking forward to encouraging each other so we all can be SUCCESSFUL!!! I've been a yo-yo all my life but I'm getting "younger" & MUST keep my weight & health in check. So I look forward to working with all of you & let's show the world we mean business this time. Let's Get Going!!!
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    Good luck to you, I'm 51, not overweight but far from fit and with high blood pressure. Currently just started week 5. Seriously never think I can do it every time I go out but have managed to get through every day so far, although the heat is not doing me any favours! You're stronger than you think you are! My aim is to run a 5k with my 24 yr old daughter
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    Long story short. I was 8 when my mom suddenly passed away from a stroke. I was 8. Growing up, I dreaded my 36th birthday. I was terrified to my core about that day. I wasn't sure if I was afraid of outliving her or that I wouldn't outlive her. I decided a week or so before my 36th birthday (1/28/17), that my 36 would be different than hers. I was overweight by almost 100 pounds and knew it was time. I owed it to her to be better. I made an appointment with my doctor and had a full panel drawn. I was pre-diabetic, low in Vitamin B and D, and my hormones were a mess. I was sick. With the help of a wonderful doctor, I've gotten my levels back where they should be and taken control of my diet. I've lost 27 pounds so far. I feel amazing and am looking forward to my healthy journey. So I've decided to throw some running in. Can't wait to get going!
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    Hey guys, So I got this app weeks ago, but I've been putting off starting because I am the opposite of in shape. I am painfully out of shape. Also lazy. But. I realized tomorrow is my birthday. I'm turning 23 and I'm overweight, lazy, and sadly underachieving. I used to love running, and sports, and I just... Lost the drive. So I decided that this would be my birthday present to myself. I'm going to get in shape, and I'm going to do it now. So, I got up, I walked, I ran, I walked again and...I couldn't finish. I got four out of eight runs in and then I died. I had to lay down to avoid passing out, and I got yelled at my an angry goose for gasping too loudly I guess. So I'm going to try again on Saturday. And if I don't get it on Saturday, I'm going to try again. And again. And again. And... You get the idea. I'm in this now, and I'm going to do it. So for everyone else who's starting who didn't do that great, you've got this. We've got this. I believe in us. And to everyone who did the first day in one shot, hot damn well done. I envy you K.Kai.
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    Increase cadence to 170 to 180 strikes a minute and shorten stride length to attain that.... this will slow you down and you can breathe through your nose. use a metronome for the cadence Concentrate on the nasal breathing...... dont try to run faster, that will come as you progress.. Do breathing exercise during the day, and yoga is very good.
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    So. Today. I'm in Week 5, Day 1. Super Cold out (40 degrees), high altitude. Which I am used to. 2nd running session and my right side was killing me. It's from lack of oxygen. I was so stiff running today because of the cold. Major stitch in the Side. Started walking and breathing deep. Not through your mouth. Through your diaphragm. Hold your tummy and breathe through your chest with your mouth closed. Do this a few times a day too and this will help. I set a timer for 3 x a day and breathe deep for a few minutes. At first you will get dizzy but it will subside. Do you you realize how much we don't breathe DEEP????? It will increase your metabolism too. Breathe in , out. Breathe in 3 times, let it out the same way. 3 times in, blow out. keep doing it. Also breathe in, hold, hold, hold, let out. Look up Oxycise. It works. We never use our lungs to capacity. Are you sitting here ? Are you breathing?, not deep enough EH??? Now breathe deep. It oxygenates the blood. Which increased circulation, which increases metabolism. Try it.
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    When I was about to turn 40 I started panicking. Growing up I was always told that after 40 weight loss was practically impossible. I was mentally prepared that I was going to do this and I did! I lost 23 lbs and felt better than ever. About a year later I went through a divorce that I did not want and became very depressed. I fell off my fitness wagon and practically ran over myself gaining almost all of my weight back. I am now fixing to turn 45, I am remarried to a man that truly loves me and I am now determined to do this once again. I will do this and will keep it off!!! I am determined@45
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    I'm IowaMatt. My son is 15 and loves to run, he completes quite well for his school. There is a benefit 5k coming up and he said he wanted to run in it, and I jokingly suggested we could do it together and he said, "Go for it!". So I downloaded the app and am now in week three. I alternate run and workout days, Forest thing in the morning. I've never seen myself as a runner but some things I like: Early mornings in the summer in Iowa are beautiful and should be enjoyed, I like the buzz I get from getting all warmed up before heading to work, my second son rides his bike along with me as I run, and I am impressed how easy so far it has been to incorporate the C25K program. At 43, I expected it to be rather difficult, and so far I have gotten by ok. Things I don't like:. I miss my bed in the morning. My Achilles tendons do not like this idea and are constantly sore. I don't like running on gravel roads. I have not registered for that 5k yet, I'm worried I may break down before I get there. But my son has motivated me to do it and we are going to give it a go. Just wanted to say hello. This seems like a useful community.
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    Good morning LeaseDTA, I'm new too just signed up saw your post (and no replies) and couldn't leave you hanging so welcome, good luck, stay positive, we can do this!
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    Hi all I wanted to introduce myself, I'm Bella and just registered with this site. I saw someone on Facebook posting about this site and how she ran for 60 seconds and thought "huh 90 seconds"? Thinking it was a typo I didn't think much of it until she posted another odd timeframe. I then read the comments for that post and learned about this site and thought wow ok this makes sense so here I am. It sounded like a perfect place for me to start since running only happens "never" for me and the closest to running for me would be a brisk "holy cow it's raining cats and dogs and I have no umbrella"!! (I'm sure many can relate). Anyway here I am, day one!
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    Hello, I started C25K last week as another step in my weight loss/fitness journey. Long story short, I had weight loss surgery in 2010, lost 100 lbs, kept it off for a while, never reached my goal though, and eventually gained back 61.5 lbs. April 2016 I started a plan to lose the regain. The regain was gone in 4 months, hit the 100 lb lost mark (again) in 7 1/2 months, lost another 18 for good measure and have been maintaining 118 lbs lost (165 since surgery) for 4 months now. Last year while I was actively losing, I focused on cardio by walking, gradually increased my distance from 2.5 miles to 6 by the time the weather turned too cold to walk outside. This year I have been focusing on building upper body strength and developing muscle at the gym with a weight program but found that I needed some kind of tangible goal to work toward to keep myself on both track food-wise and exercise-wise. I'm one that likes a variety to keep things interesting. I did a 5k 6/3 with no training, just having walked my normal routine and adding in a bit of jogging with a goal to run at least part of each mile. I was successful with that, and have signed up for more 5k's and want to improve my time and increase the running to walking ratio. I started Week 2 this morning and am loving it so far.
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    I just started a couple months ago and am a 52 year old Gramma to. I have never ran in my life but felt I needed to do something. I am doin the interval running and loving it. That's awesome! It's never to late to make a change. Blessings to you
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    Good afternoon everyone. I'm Wendy, 42 and I'm a first time runner. Wow! I feel like I joined a 12 step program (I guess I kinda did! lol). I started getting pains when I stood for long periods and I noticed that I would lag behind everyone when we would go places, so I decided to get into shape. I started walking about 2 years ago. My dog and I would take 3 mile walks 3 days a week. I enjoyed our walks, but they were getting tedious and they took forever! The other problem I have is that I don't have a well trained dog, so we have to walk either when it's dark outside or early in the morning. About a year ago I changed jobs. I used to get home later at night so we could take a walk later, but now I get out at 4 pm. It's too light out to walk when I get home and by the time it gets dark, I'm tired. So I decided to try getting up before work to exercise, but as I said, those 3 mile walks take forever! I would have to get up at 5 am to get through it. My only alternative is to try running. I figured that if I could run 3 miles, it would take a lot less time than walking and it would have more of an impact. Also, I started having hip pain during my walks. I would have to stop every so often to stretch to try to relieve some of the pain. I noticed that since I started running, the pain is gone. I used to dread going for my 3 mile walk because I knew it would hurt and take forever. Now I somewhat enjoy this challenge, mainly because of the day to day aspect of it. I know I'm not going to run a marathon tomorrow, or even a 5K, but I know that I'm accomplishing more than just sitting around. I don't mind waking up at 5:30 am to go do my exercise now. It's quiet at that hour and me and my dog can just do our thing in peace. It's also really satisfying when I'm done to know that I accomplished something before I even went to work. I have a friend who runs half marathons and she used to be just like me. She's my motivation. She told me about the struggles she had when she first started. She said she used to be a size 18 and now she's a size 8. She eats all the time, but she also runs, and she told me that she runs so she can eat. We all have to start somewhere, but I can't let it get me down. I don't want to go back to sitting around and being lazy. I want to be able to participate in life without pain and without feeling like I'm holding others back. I'm also a plus size girl. I've been this way for a few years and it would be nice to lose some weight, but I just want to feel better. Thank you for listening. I am really glad I found this forum. I needed a place to vent, share stories, get motivated and help others stay motivated.
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    Hi so didn't want to be fat and 50 after life time of yo yo dieting. After a very stressful year seeking solace in food my 50th has come and gone I am at most heaviest. So with different frame of mind I have decided to get fit at fifty and hopefully physical and mental wellbeing will improve along the way.