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A great way to get in cardio


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I hate cardio, but it is necessary to complete your workout regimen. I am a former athlete, do resistance training five days a week, and follow a sensible and considered diet . The one thing I've always hated was cardio. The C25K app is exactly what I needed. Walk, jog, and track progress. Not sure I'll ever be a marathoner, but for getting in 30 minutes of cardio 3 days a week you can't go wrong. I hope everyone the best of luck, and if you find the running parts difficult in the first two or three weeks, slow down and take it easy. It will come. Slowly. As designed.

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Hi RT,


You go this.  Love your motivation.   I find I do better with intervals all day long.   The older I get I am with you on cardio too.  I used to love workout videos, but no patience.  lol.. I love cardio by recreation instead, like hiking, the app, gardening, etc..


Good Luck you.!  

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