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Starting tomorrow on treadmill

Guest Ekta

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Hi! I dont like going out much and wanted to go ahead with this on my treadmill. Wud love to know if there is an app designed for treadmill users? If not, can anyone help me with walking and running speed on my treadmill? I usually walk at 4 speed. And can this be done in evenings or before going to bed (after dinner)?

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I started on the treadmill tonight.  I did a 2% incline.  I did my 5min warm-up at 2.5mph then jogged at 5mph and  changed my walk to 3mph.  For the cool-down I went back to 2.5mph.   Seemed ok for me...we shall see!  I wish there was a way to enter your treadmill distance into your stats rather than it saying "distance 0.0"...<_<

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