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Vegan diet + exercise

Guest Monja

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Hi guys, just downloaded the app, I hope it motivates me to start running again. :) I want to loose 5 kg by Christmas, I'm vegan but thay doesn't help at the moment because I'm quitting cigarettes and aparently eat too much. Is anybody else vegan here? What do you eat and how much? What kind of exercises would you recommend for none running days? :)

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Hi Monja,


Welcome on here.  You can do it..  It will keep you motivated and getting out there and running..  I am not a Vegan and maybe someone can help you with that.  


Good luck on quitting smoking.. You can SO DO IT and you will feel better about yourself..  


On non running days, I just do what I feel like..  Crosstrain.   I will do Dvd's, walk or run again, lift weights, anything that gets me moving.


Good luck and you go this!   Good Luck!

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 I am a vegan and did the c25k program last year. I lost over 10 kg by combining the program with the 5-2 intermitent fasting diet. On Mondays and Thursdays I only have food for a total of 600 cal. I usually make some vegetable and pasta soup with miso o those two days. The other days I eat what I feel like but avoid snacking on rubbish food. Only vegies, grains, nuts and fruits. Good luck with your running and weight control. 

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