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Brand New to Running

Guest Tori B

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Hi all!


I'm a third year physics college student. I realized part way through last year that I really don't want to follow my original plan of becoming a high school physics teacher. Being in a classroom all day everyday just isn't quite for me.


In looking for a new field, I decided I want to be a paramedic (possibly a firefighter as well but paramedic for sure!). I'm continuing to finish my physics degree because I'm almost done and don't want to give up now! But in the meantime, I've decided on researching and training to hopefully join the National Guard.


In the next 2-3 months I hope to lose weight, strengthen, and improve my overall health and nutrition.


I've never run before in my life so this should be interesting! I just finished Week 1 Day 1 and am realizing I don't know how to breathe...any suggestions would be wonderful!!!!

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Hi Tori,  


Welcome on here, and you can do this!  Sounds like you will have an interesting career ahead of you.   These running apps are absolutely amazing in training you for the Navy.  


They also have a PushUp Challenge app, situps, lunges, squats etc...  Pretty cool.  You will def need interval training for the Navy. 


Keep me posted on your progress, I am so curious!  Good Luck!

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