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I realized yesterday that this app does not prepare you to run 5k/3miles; it prepares you to run for 30 minutes, and it assumes a 10-minute-mile pace. That is a pace too fast for most beginners. I don't really have a question, just wanted to express my annoyance. At my current (very slow) pace, it will take me 45 minutes to run 3 miles, but the app abandons me at 30 minutes.

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I came here to ask this same question - I'm running more of a 12 minute mile, so while I completed the 22 minute run earlier this week, I definitely didn't run 2.25 miles. While I love the app and the guidance it gives, it's a little disheartening to feel like I'm going to get to the end of the 8 weeks and not have actually completed the program. So, should I try and run a few minutes longer each run to get some more mileage in, or should I just plan on adding another week or two on to the end of the program to actually get to 5k?

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