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Getting my health back


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I have never really exercised consistently sure to frequent health issues. Trying to come back better and stronger to support my health. I'll definitely need to take baby steps and probably go ridiculously slow. But I'd like to be able to participate in a local 5k in October of 2020.

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Hi there, I feel the same way. I call my journey Snatching my Sexy Back but I soon discovered I have to snatch my healthy eating habits more than exercising. I started in Nov 2019 at 321lbs and in March I am 291lbs. Now I’ve fallen off the wagon quite a few times. But I just keep getting back up and I’ve noticed I’m still loosing weight. Today I can run 22 minutes long now plus a host of other off the scale goals. Stay encouraged, that’s why I’m here... I need it!


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