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I do week 6 day  2 tomorrow. I never thought I could get here! It's taken more time because I had to redo some days and was sick during some weeks, but when I started, 2min of jogging was hard... I can now push through 20min. I run at speed 4.0 and was wondering if this is okay? I tend to jog more to achieve the set time, but can't reach the distance with the time set. At times I've run instead of walking during the walking interval, just to push myself. Is that okay? Also, I tried running off the treadmill and my ankles and knees hurt and couldn't push through. Any advice? 

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Sharon, you do what you can do. Speed is not important, in my opinion. If you're jogging and getting your heart rate up, that's what is important. If you get to running in some races, and aren't happy with a time, you could go back and work through the program again, running faster to try to build up. But if you're running on a treadmill for exercise, the speed is what's comfortable for you to run.

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