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Running theraphy for depression

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Hi all, 

I am Anne and i suffer from depression. My therapist recommend running to ease my depression, so here i am making an attempt to run. 

I am so out of shape and i am overweight because of my depression. I had hard time to finish my run 1 week 1. But i finished it, in fact today i just complete my day 2 of week 1.

I dont know if running can ease my suicidal thoughts, but im willing to try. At least now i can be proud of my self that i get out of my bed, going out of my house, and complete my exercise. 2 days in a row! 

I know it's a long way to 5km run. But i hope i can do it. It's nice to feel proud of myself once in a while instead of beating myself up because I couldn't get out of bed. 



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Suzaku, one of the best things that I found about running is that you realize your body can do so much more than your mind thinks is possible for you. This might be great therapy for you, especially when you get to that point of doubt in yourself and you're able to push through! There will be days that are disappointing, just keep believing that you'll be able to do it, and it will work out. Good luck!

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