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He Said I'd Never Be a Runner

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I had just started running several years ago when I broke my ankle.  The orthopedist, due to my age ( mid 40s then), never having run before and being overweight, told me I'd never be a runner. I believed him for a few years.  Now, at 51 and a grandmother, I'm ready to prove him wrong. My first goal is to simply complete C25k training and continue to transition my diet to plant based-increasing my compliance to 80%. 

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That's a great goal!

It would be useful to keep in mind that the c25k program jumps way too much in week 5. Many of us have gone back and done weeks over several times.

I'm no longer using the app. I'm running on my own schedule, and today I was able to run for 10 minutes without walking in between. For me, that is amazing. So, I would say to remember that your health is most important, and if you can't run as many minutes as they want you to, then do what you can. And remember, the fact that you are working on your goal makes you a winner!


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