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New here!!


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Hello and welcome aboard! In general, the app is meant for 3 days a week, off days in between and 1 rest day. Everyone seems to find their own rhythm as they progress. I use a treadmill daily and if it ever really gets warm here I am outside on the c25k days. Good luck and keep moving!! You can do this.

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What CleBkPkr said.

I did a lot of research when I decided to run and after I started running, and the suggested program for this particular plan is to run a day, take a day off, run a day, take a day off, run a day, and then take two days off. 

On at least two or three of the days off you're supposed to walk, resting from both walking and running one or two days each week. You choose whether you want to walk 3 days and rest 1, or walk 2 days and rest 2.


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