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Here (again) after a health scare

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Hi all you runners!

I went to my doctor on Wednesday thinking everything was fine, after a 40 min walk even and was told: 1. I had high blood pressure. 2. It wasn't a fluke  3. I now have to take meds for it.  4. I'd better loose a lot of weight. That set me back a bit. The last time I was consistently active was 5 years ago when I was doing 5k training.  So here I am again, this time I am doing the 10k training because I figured I'd better keep training until...well actually I'd better not ever stop training. I am glad to be able to be here.

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Silver Pie

That's what I'm hoping too. She actually took me off of the diuretic because I was so dizzy I had to leave work one day.  I am down about 10 lbs already (helped by drastic water loss but I'll still take it) and I can feel improvements in my flexibility and my stamina.  I will argue my case for getting off the pills again at the 25lbs lost mark.  

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