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Knees hurts why???


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I have a knee that gives me problems, so I was concerned about running. So far, not only have I had no pain, my knee seems to be stronger. What I'm doing is running in Minimalist Shoes (Sockwas) and taking short strides and landing on the ball of my foot as lightly as I can, which is what you're supposed to do when you do run in Minimalist Shoes. So maybe the problem is running in regular shoes? Or taking longer strides than your knees can handle?

I'm used to walking in Minimalist Shoes, though, as I've been wearing them for about three years. Someone not used to them may or may not have a problem initially with walking or running in them.

I don't really know because I'm not a doctor or anything, but maybe what I said here can help. At least I hope it does. Best of luck to you.

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Not a suggestion on your form, but have you ever tried KT Tape? It is great for adding a bit of extra support wherever you need it. I use the KT Tape Pro myself as it offers more support and I need it for my “floating kneecaps”. There are other brands as well that do the same job. It acts kind of like a brace, but can also help with pain. Anyways, just a thought :) 



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8 minutes ago, Silver Pie said:

Kyder, it might be a good idea to have your knees checked, to rule out any health problems.

If they don't normally hurt, you might just need a mineral or collagen supplement (or need to drink water instead of soda, if you do drink sodas).

I agree. get checked out... it's worth having the doctor's opinion

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