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Which is which

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I would say the keto diet, hands down.

You might want to look on YouTube for Jason Fung. He's a medical doctor in Canada who works with diabetics and has helped them a lot.

Reddit has forums on keto. Some people who have posted have said that the keto diet has actually made it so they no longer need medication and their blood sugar is normal.

DisclaimerI'm not a medical doctor. I am just answering OP's question according to what I have seen and studied in various places. I would definitely recommend that you do a lot of Internet research, and if you choose something (for example, keto) I would suggest you run it by your doctor. And I hope you have a doctor who does understand how good keto is for diabetics.


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I would argue with recommending any kind of diet as an absolute one. E.g. keto. Keto definitely works well for people whose genetics is built for a fat-based diet, but that's not absolute at all, people who are born with a metabolism that promotes using carbohidrates as energy source would go very, very bad on keto.

There are no absolute methods in nutrition. It should always be set specifically for one's genetics.

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