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Too Slow? Is it really running?

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Hello Fitness / Running Experts,

While doing running portions of C25K, 10K or marathon run/walk programs, 1) can one be running too slowly? 2) if they are too slow, is it really running, or is it fast walking mistaken as running?

I believe I can instinctively say that I am doing running, although it's very slow. How do I make sure that it is not slow to a point where it is impacting relevance of the program or below the minimum running speed expectations of the program. How do I improve upon such issues? Thank you for helping!

Background: I started with C25K and then on week 3 switched over to marathon and then took a break before I could finish week 1 there. Now I really want to finish C25K first, then 10K and then marathon. I am 5'5'' and 255 lbs. Have been trying to fasttrack C25K. I realize that best food option for me is eating a "whole food plant based" (aka WFPB) diet, low fat and with a caloric deficit (lesser intake of calories that what I would burn (including exercise)... this along with exercise would be the key to my weight loss and fitness. Having sustained control on my food addiction has been the biggest challenge for me.  



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If your runs are too easy within a specific program, then I suggest you change up the program or change to a different week within the program that is more intense. It sounds like you are also trying to focus on losing weight. Dieting should be what you concentrate on while trying to lose weight (which sounds like you are doing) and sticking to a program that isn't too intense might be a good option for you to focus on what you are eating and your diet. Cutting out a calories from your diet, while also trying to get more intense workouts/running in, might be too much for your body. Give it time and find out what works well for you. 

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I would think how fast you go is an individual choice. Some people might not be able to run any faster than someone else's fast walk. If you feel like you're running too slow, and you have the physical ability to go faster, then I would say go faster. If you're going as fast as you can already, but it seems like a fast walk, then you're doing the best you can and that's just fine.

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