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My goal is to successfully run a 5k and then move on to the 10k app.  I am on Week 3 now.  One of my challenges is being self-conscious running outside.  I have been doing all of my run/walk on a treadmill so far.  I think I will try to to go outside at least once this week.  But it's a huge block for me.  I will have to meditate on it.  But I do love this program and feel empowered by my progress so far.  Thanks!

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Hang tough! Those feelings are not unusual. Do you wear running glasses, dark ones?. I was the same way, and then I got dark Running glasses so no one could see my eyes. 

Frankly, not only did that make me feel cool, but it made me ignore everyone around me. It made me feel like I could see them but they couldn’t see me. Try that

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