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  1. My goal is to successfully run a 5k and then move on to the 10k app. I am on Week 3 now. One of my challenges is being self-conscious running outside. I have been doing all of my run/walk on a treadmill so far. I think I will try to to go outside at least once this week. But it's a huge block for me. I will have to meditate on it. But I do love this program and feel empowered by my progress so far. Thanks!
  2. Hi, So I started this journey with a group from YWA who wanted to add running to our yoga practice. I am so happy to have made this decision! I am on Week 3 and completed Day 1 yesterday. I wasn't sure how the program runs even when I searched around. Like, do we run every other day or do we have two days off after day 3? I like every other day. Thanks!
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