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Hello All - Newbie here


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Hi all,

I have been using the couch 25k app and the 10k app for a while now and decided to join the community here :-)

I am a 52 year old guy, and have become quite overweight after giving up smoking 6 years ago. The weight sort of crept on slowly and without me noticing until one morning I woke up, decided to weight myself and was 280Lbs (20 stone for us UK folks :-) )

I decided to join the gym about 2 years ago and am now, at the time of this writing, down to 248 Lbs.

The problem was I never liked or was a fan of cardio, until I found the couch25k and the 10k apps on the internet.
I now use the couch25k app for HIIT (well lol HIIT for me at least) and the 10K to improve my endurance running.

Let's See where this takes me :-)

Thanks for reading, and if you're in the same boat like me, Good Luck at reaching your targets!


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