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  1. Hi All, I hope someone can give me an answer to my question regarding the apps, and that In have posted in the right section of the forum. I have both the C25K and the 10K app which I both use on my android mobile phone (cell phone) I am now starting to run more on the treadmill in the gym due to the S**t weather in the UK and have added the 10K app to my iPad mini in order to be able to watch something on the internet or Netflix while running, as running in the same spot can become boring lol I now have the basic 10K app on my iPad but am getting the add, while I have paid
  2. Hi all, I have been using the couch 25k app and the 10k app for a while now and decided to join the community here :-) I am a 52 year old guy, and have become quite overweight after giving up smoking 6 years ago. The weight sort of crept on slowly and without me noticing until one morning I woke up, decided to weight myself and was 280Lbs (20 stone for us UK folks :-) ) I decided to join the gym about 2 years ago and am now, at the time of this writing, down to 248 Lbs. The problem was I never liked or was a fan of cardio, until I found the couch25k and the 10k apps on the
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