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Hey all,

I just completed W7D1 this morning, which is quite an accomplishment, since I thought I was going to die on the side of the road the first day.  I've really started to eat healthy and I've dropped about 15 pounds and have a ton of energy now, as well as a more positive outlook on most everything. 

Since I am close to completing c25k, I had planned on continuing with the 10k app until the snow starts here in New England.  I am noticing that I am not near the distance part, unless I add extra time.  Should I just keep going with the 10k app, or take a break from the apps and do a week of some sort of interval training to speed myself up?

Thanks for any advice!

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Hi Jenn,  fantastic.   You have to be so proud of yourself.  

You can start with the 10k app after the c25k.  Some people like to go forward in the app a few days.  But it is up to you.  Great job.   I like doing intervals on my test days.    Happy Running. 

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