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Ready to start... but how do I even?

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I'm really unfit. I try to run or jog for even 10 seconds and my chest feels like exploding. I can't even swim half the length of my local pool (which is half the length of a normal pool) - even while breathing correctly - without having to end up treading water to catch my breath. How can I build up my respiratory strength when even the lowest level is almost impossible?

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The answer is - walking. Normal speed but include 10sec burst of speed walking. In a week or two you will be able to speed walking 20 and 30 sec intervals.

Then you can try to jog - it is very similar to walking, but there is an interval when your both legs are of the ground. It is not easy switch from sedimentary life style to active moving but it's worth it. I know what I am talking about - I did this switch when I got 55yo



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