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The app honestly doesn't track much of anything about the run. That's my biggest complaint about it, honestly. If you hit the "done" button at the end of the run, it takes you back to the dashboard and marks the run as completed. That's it. 

I would totally pay for the app if it tracked running stats, especially with some history comparison. (Hint, hint to the devs..... I know it's hard to make money in the mobile app business!!). It would be awesome to see that when I did week 1, I traveled x distance in the half hour, and that now in week 4, I'm traveling y distance in the same time... Bonus points if it can link to my gear S2 or the s health app and pull in my heart rate and such. 

Actually, a watch app would be totally awesome overall. 

Now, if they could do all that and provide a babysitter to watch my kids so I can do it whenever I want, the app would be perfect. :)

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