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Getting over grief

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I'm scared to death of running.  I've reached a point with my weight I've never experienced.  We lost a baby at 5 months pregnant 3 years ago and I think I have let the weight hang around because I don't know how to let go.  

It's taking its toll on my knees and I'm scared to start running out of fear my knees will start hurting and discourage me.

I am so upset and frustrated with clothes and upcoming "bathing suit season"... it's frustrating to clothe a large body that seems foreign... 

so here I am... I have to do something.  My goal right now is to feel like I can move without restriction.  To hopefully strengthen my body to where my knees stop hurting.  Losing 8 dress sizes would be amazing too!  I'll just keep that in the back of my mind as a bonus.

Tired of people asking how far along I am!!!   

I appreciate all the encouragement I can get!  Grief sucks.

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Don't tell to nobody that you're working out to not feel that pressure....let the people see but themselves your progress. ....


You could start walking and then run little by little.... yo can do 10 minutes and them tomorrow 15...let your body acostum to the exercise. ...and you will feel great.....


Listen what your mind and body want....and are supplements too over the counter that help with the knee pain..a little expensive but works...that it's what I'm taking for my knee pain!! 


Good luck and I hope that you can get the motivation that you need for start :)

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