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I am Back!

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Hi Everyone,

Let me re-introduce myself.  I am Kelly and I have been off of here for a bit.

My Hubby has been sick and I have been taking care of him for the past year.  He is doing better and has been having the rest of his chemo treatments.  

I have not been taking care of me and I can now re focus on my goals.  I started back with the C25K app yesterday and I am sooooo excited.  Getting ready to get out there again today.  I am beyond thrilled to be back here again. I have missed it and you all very much. 

I taught exercise and am a Personal Trainer, and used to teach 1-15 hours a week in a few countries and here in the US.  

Happy Exercise.  I am beyond excited to focus on me again in this life!! 

Hugs !! :)

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