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Tips on Couch to 10K app


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Hi All!


At the suggestion of my daughter who did her first 10k last spring, I have decided to run my first 10k in 2017. I downloaded the 10K app and did WK1 Day1 last night and it looks like I have another run today. How do I see the schedule? Is there a calendar that shows what I will be asked to do and the rest days? Where do I go to see my progress? I liked day one but don't find the app as intuitive as others. Once i selected 'blogs' the home button did not take me back to the main screen but kept me locked in the fitness forum. Where are the instructions????


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It's designed to run three days a week. Ideally you'll want a rest day in between runs. I run MWF.


As you scroll through each day across the bottom, the instructions for each day appear in the upper right corner of the app.


C210K is a very good app designed to help you increase stamina. Unfortunately it is not good at record keeping. I use both MapMyRun and Runkeeper apps to see my distance and pace since both use GPS, and C210k does not.


To return to the main screen, just click the forum button again.


I'm happy to report C210k made a runner out of me! I started this journey last July and am still running, though I only use c210k for the forum now.


Good luck to you!

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