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1. To lose weight you have to burn more calories than you get with food.

1. The calories count is never precise, it is always rough estimation.

3. Unfortunately (for me :D ) exercise alone is not enough. The reasonable diet should be added.


I have no idea how the app calculate the calories. 175 is kind of low. With my weight running 30min with 3.5% incline is about 600 calories This is what my treadmill is showing and it is one good cheeseburger :lol:.

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500 calorie deficit is based on a lot of assumption, your body weight, how active you are etc. you are expected  to eat 250 calorie less and burn 250 calories so as to get a 500 calorie deficit. Again these are all not accurate. if you eat healthy and exercise regularly, making it more of a life style change you will definitely see a difference

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Thankyou so much. I was feeling so bad when I saw 175 only lol and i really wanna know the exact calories that im burning... so i should read the calories on the treadmill instead?

I read that most treadmills give 10-20% error. Be sure that you enter your weight (your real weight ;) ) in the treadmill.

I would not compare calories from different devices. Stick with one for rough estimates.

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