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Week 5

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Went into week 5 assuming the workouts would be the same each day, just like weeks prior but I didn't even realize I was at 8 minutes on the second day. In the beginning I was struggling at 1 minute!


I was dreading week 5 day 3 so much that I kept repeating day 2, today I finally thought I would try it and even agreed to stop half way at 10 minutes if it was too hard. When I got the half way notification I pushed through as much as I could. I'm so surprised that I only stopped to walk for one minute. I never thought I could run for (basically) 20 minutes straight.


I'm so excited to continue today was a definite confidence booster!

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Keep going we CAN do this!!!


I have amazed myself today and ran (ok it may be slow) for 20 minutes. However, I only covered around 1.2 miles - I did it on a treadmill - should I move on to week 6 or repeat week 5 until I can hit the 2 mile mark? I did slow my pace down so that I could finish the 20 minutes? I don't know what to concentrate on time or distance (or both...)

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...should I try again on next run or move on?

It is entirely your decision! If you feel that you need to prove it to yourself - then repeat it until it is done as scheduled. If you are sure that you can do it - go ahead to the next day. In your place I would add additional (smaller) run interval to the W6D1

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