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Week 3 day 1


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Started week 3 day 1 and this time I struggled to finish. I got through it, but I love that I'm finally getting the challenge I've been looking for.

Instead of doing this every other day, I have been on this everyday. And strangely enough, starting at 225 and now 212, I'm keeping up and losing weight with no icky side effects. Anyone else have tips or tricks? What was challenging for you?

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I wouldn't recommend running every day. My body has too many aches and pains, especially my feet. I have to give them time to heal. Plus I dont want to get burned out. I just finished week 4 and look forward to my runs, hope it stays that way. Week 5 I'm afraid is gonna be tough. But like you I enjoy the challenge. So far I've finished every one, and as far as the biggest challenge? It's been mind over body. My mind says you can't make it every time I run, so I have an argument with it each time. So far I have won each time, hope it stays that way.

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