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fat boy needs a clean slate


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Well I started the c25k at 286 lbs and finished it weighing 255 lbs but I hit a plateau and seem stuck in a rut maybe this is the change I need I would appreciate all the encouragement I could get healthy recipes act..it has been a long journey thus far iwas also wondering about lifting weights and running any ideas workout plans to help boost weight loss act well let's get to it

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Hi There, Randy,


Good for you for finishing the app! So proud of you.


If you have a hit a plateau then it is time to step it up a notch. Time for Interval training. Crossfit, etc.... I am not near a gym so I have to motivate myself. So when the app tells me to run, I will run really fast til I burst, then slow down my jog. Our bodies get used to one form of exercise and that is why we plateau.


I am in the process of writng an ebook for weightlifting, but it is not done yet. So , there are some amazing apps for bodybuilding, lifitng weights, and on and on. If you go to a gym, seek help, if you cannot, like me, then check out those apps. They will guide you as you workout, I use them. Zenlabs has abbs app, butt, legs, etc... great tools.


Now, whe it comes to eating. I am a BIG PALEO girl, with one huge cheat day a week. Search Paleo sites like Nom Nom Paleo, Primal Palate, my site is Cavegirlcancook.com, I have a few recipes, but I am just a homecook. Eating Low carb is the way to go for fast weightloss. Or, EATING CLEAN, think about it, Eating CLean, no processed foods, no junk, etc.... I do add rice and potatoes here and there, because it does get boring.


Look online too for printable weightlifting documents, there are a lot out there.


WE are all here for you cheering you on as you begin the 10k app.. You are doing amaing, keep it up. I find watching Biggest Loser and Extreme Weightloss and My 600 lb life incredible motivators for me...


Good luck Randy!

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