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Struggling asthmatic smoker

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Hi I'm 15 years old & decided to start this as I realised how unhealthy I am. I was smoking for a year, I quit smoking started c25k & changed my eating habits 3 weeks ago. I find every work out hard & only complete 3 a week no more! I went to start w3 d1 today completed 2 of 4 rounds & gave up☹️ . I was breathing so heavily & was afraid I was going to have an asthma attack ! After a little nap I felt fine again & can breathe normally. I really don't want to give up

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You can do this. I am also, asthmatic. I've been running for about a year now. I do fine, that some seasons kick up my asthma. I do recommen that yoy keep your inhaler close at hand. Run a little slower, try to inhale through your nose and out your mouth. I also, noticed as time goes by the less I have use it. Good luck. If you still have problems with your asthma while running, please see your doctor.

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