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Can I skip a week?


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It depends on your current physics, remember - the program is called "couch to 5K".

I was staying with the program, but I run every time more than it was required.

At the end of the Week 7 I was sure that I can run 5k.


The only possible problem is injuries, if you muscles are not ready....

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I see! Well...physically I'm fine I suppose. I take karate four times a week for about 6 hours every week. I ended up skipping week 1 cuz I figured it was too easy for me at least. But after completing the first day of week 2, I thought it was possible for me to be able to run a little more. My mind is the hard part to really make it happen though. Running for 3 minutes straight seems impossible, but it's only 90 seconds more right? The time will pass anyway...so I might try it. The only possible injury I can think of is a knee injury. I've had bad knees for a long time. I think it was some knee disorder thing? Can't remember the name for the life of me... So the knees are weak. But! It's worth a shot to try running 3 minutes anyway:)

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