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Stuck on week 11! Opinions please.

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Im looking for opinions! I am on week 11 of the 10K trainer. I cannot seem to break passed this week. I'm starting it for the 3rd time Week 3) because I can't do it without walking or stopping for an extra few minutes here or there. Should I stay on week 11 until I can do it, or keep moving on? What do YOU do when you get stuck on a difficult week?

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I'm just into week 11 and I've just completed day 1 with no problems (well other than praying for it to end and the usual thoughts that go with a new week) however admittedly I did day 1 and 2 of week 10 fine but on day 3 went running in a morning having only had a banana and not feeling very motivated and failed miserably. Because I knew I could do it as I already had earlier in the week I decided to move on but this showed me that times and conditions of my runs are so important, could you perhaps try a different time of day or fuel up a bit more before you go?

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