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So I just finished week 3 and a 3 minute run is still REALLY hard for me. I do it, but slowly and with a struggle. A big one. I am going to attempt week 4 ( a 5 minute run is in there ahh) but if I don't succeed, should I just restart week 3 all together?


I know I'm not in the best mindset but it is good to know what the best option is if I fail. Have you had to restart a week before moving on?

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What I would do (and may be it is not the best way) is try the W4D1.

Try to finish it. If you have to  - walk the rest of the exercise and then retry it until you can do it.


Since you already can do week 3 it is time to challenge your body!


BTW I think you will be pleasantly surprised when you try W4D1 :rolleyes:

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I did not do well, my calves tightened up very badly within 2 minutes into the first 5 minute jog. So I stopped to stretch, decided it was too much and restarted week 3. Each run at the end of week 3 is 3 minutes so I am adding a minute to the very last run to build myself up. So week 3 day 1, on the last run I did 4 minutes instead of 3 minutes. On week 3 day 2, on the last run I did 4.5 minutes instead of 3 minutes. And tonight, on week 3, day 3, I did 5 minutes on the last run instead of 3 minutes. So it built me up to 5 minutes better and now I can attempt week 4 again on Monday, knowing I can do 5 minutes!

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