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semi-new here :-)


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Hey everyone! My name is samantha. I'm 21 and a massage therapist in aurora, colorado. I love my job. Knowing I'm helping people feel better is such an amazing feeling.

Today I started week 3, day 1 of C25K.

I've been out of shape for a few years now. In high school, I was super active, playing a sport every season. Then college hit...and with college comes weight gain. I knew I was gaining weight and I tried things to get healthy but nothing ever really motivated me to get healthy, until I got engaged. Yay! :-)

My fiancé proposed to me December 2013 and our wedding is in 2016, so I still have a while to get in shape. He is such an amazing guy. He deserves to have that gorgeous piece of arm candy while he is walking down the street.

A few weeks ago, I made a post saying I was nervous to start working out. I had tried jogging before and some guys yelled nasty stuff at me. I hated the feeling I got after they did that so I figured a gym would be better. I would be able to work out without people being jerks while I tried to get in shape. I recently joined a gym at a really great price and I love it so much. Slowly, I'm falling in love with getting in shape. I love how I feel now and I can't wait to keep seeing more progress. :-)

If you have any questions, post it! I'd be happy to answer anything :-)

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I'm so glad that you've found your happy place to work out!  I go to the gym as well and love it!  I'm hoping to transition from running on a machine to running on the track soon but we'll just have to see what me knees have to say about that LOL!  Congrats on both your decision to get fit AND on your engagement :)

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