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I currently sit here while laying in bed writing this. I have never been the running type. I can maybe run a mile or two at the gym but never outside. When I run I break out all over my body and start to get really itchy. Then O stsrt focusing more on itching myself than actually running. I would like to stsrt running as I have dealt with depression for a very long time. I need to find a way to cope with my anxiety and keep me busy and active while my boyfriend is away in rehab. He loves to work out and I think it would be something very healthy for us to both do together as we both struggle with many things. Has anyone heard or know why I break out and itch so much when i run? Will this stop the more I run? If it wasn't for this I probably would be running a lot more but it just gets so annoying and keeps me from running because I get so distracted. HELP.

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Oh, I also found out that fabric softener was making me itchy like I chicken pox.


I was so itchy, I even jokingly nick-named it IPS: itchy panda syndrome.


When I started working out, I found a bunch of moisture-wicking pants at 90% clearance. Reading online, I found out you should not use fabric softener with "performance fabrics" as the fabric softener clogs the "pores" of the moisture-wicking fabric.


I'm pretty lazy when it comes to sorting laundry and pretty soon just stopped using fabric softener. A year later, I realize the fabric softener had made my skin itchy when I used a dryer sheet.

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