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Lotsa Nerves here!

Judy C

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Hey All!  Tell me I'm not crazy.  Lol.  I'm a 55 year old woman who needs to lose a sizable amount of weight.  Many years ago, I had a knee injury that I've used as an excuse for all those years.  My weight is very stubborn.  My daughter and I joined a new gym and last Saturday, we were on the treadmills.  Something in me said "Jog!" and off I went!  My daughter looked at me and said, "Go Mom!" and she took off with me.  I've told myself for so long that I couldn't do it that I suddenly feel like it's something I need to conquer.  I'm a new grandma and I'm determined to be a healthy one.


I'd love to hear similar stories and get the support of others!  Anyone out there have similar struggles??



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