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Journey to Fitness


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I've always been extremely unfit, and getting worse as I get older.  I'll be 41 on Tuesday next week, and I need to get moving soon or it won't be too long before I can't even walk around after my 15 month old daughter.


Completed week 1 day 1 on Monday without too much difficulty (other than a few brief rest stops until the shin and calf pain subsided), just going as slowly as I possibly could with the jog while still moving.  Bought myself some professionally fitted runners yesterday, and will be heading out for week 1 day 2 this morning (Wednesday here in Australia).


I probably shouldn't have, but I've looked ahead to what's in store for week 2, and I'm pretty sure I should be able to do the 90 second jogs without too many issues.  I don't want to get too far ahead of myself, though, so I'm heading back to concentrate on actually doing my week 1 day 2 workout; instead of reading up on future workouts.


My scales are busted at the moment.  They seem to have given up the ghost after having my weight pressing down on them.  My last known weight a couple of weeks ago was somewhere in the vicinity of 176 pounds.  I'm only about 5 foot 3 though, so I could definitely stand to lose at least 40 pounds.

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