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Nursing while working out


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My daughter is a month old and I'm ready to start running again, will working out effect my milk production? I want to keep nursing her but I also want to get back in shape. Should I increase my calorie intake to help make up for the calories I'm burning from running so I can keep nursing or would that be counter productive? To my knowledge nursing burns calories, but it won't give me results like running will. Thanks in advance!

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Hey Jewel

Wow a month after having a baby-GO YOU!!!!

This article can help you out https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au/bfinfo/exercise-and-breastfeeding

Some things you might like to consider is breastfeeding burns approx 500 calories a day so you may like to consider your calorie intake. So if you are having normal calorie intake + burning calories breastfeeding and then on top of that burning calories running you may find your calorie intake deficient for your energy needs.

If you're in Aus ABA can help if in USA etc La Leche league may have some more info for you as well.


Hope this helps


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