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I just started this after starting soccer and being slightly over weight I wanted to make a change in my life and one of my family members used this app a few years ago and loved it so I decided to give it a shot its day 2 and I'm already noticing changes I do this in the morning and I lift some 5 lb Dumbbells at night and I've been doing what I can to cut out the excess sugar I started the other two things a few weeks ago but just started running and drinking more water is there anything else I should add?

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Guest TrishE

Welcome :) honestly it sounds like youre off to a great start. All I would say is to make sure youre eating lots of fruit and vegetables and lean protein (chicken, eggs, turkey, fish). I know diet is the hardest thing to change especially if there are circumstances beyond your control. If you cant change it, eat smaller portions.

I hope this helps :)

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