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Hi, I'm Mannuel and I'm just getting into this running thing. I can't say I've never ran before I even had a pair of Brooks Pure Drift in my closet. I used to race bicycles, well try to race, for a few years and the last two I just have not had the money or the time to dedicate myself to that anymore. I am a new husband and now a father of two awesome boys (5yrs, 9yrs) and I just don't have enough time to be riding 3-5 times a week for 2-5 hours at a time. Doing it less would just not be fun for me. So I find myself a runner.
I have ran a few times, like everyone in HS or when you're late for the bus... I even ran for about 2 months with my friend to get him back into shape and doing something (thus the brooks). As soon as he got into it I was back on my bike and never ran again until now.
I'm now heavier than I've ever been (195lbs) and very out of shape. I can say that I was for a long time a well conditioned athlete but it's been over 6 months since I've had any kind of discipline. So I started today with the 8 weeks to run a 5k app and I'm happy with the pace. I had tried other that had me walking only for weeks and I could not handle it and changed after 2 weeks (6 walks).

One question I have is are my shoes "dangerous"? Someone mentioned that I had minimal shoes and I should be careful, I only have about 60 miles on them but that sounds scary. 

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Hi there,


First, Welcome here to our forums. You have to be really excited to do this. Our apps are amazing


So, why would your shoues be dangerous???60 miles is fine. I go about 500 miles on a good pair of shoes. Look online for how many miles you can go on a pair of shoes.


Good luck and let us know.

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