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I have a question....I just completed week 6 day 3. I am able to run for the entire 22 min but I'm only distancing 1.8 miles. It's up from the first 20 minute run but shy of the 2.25 the app says I should be running. Should I be focusing on the time or distance? I don't want to graduate and get to my first race and not be able to finish it because I'm not used to that distance. Should I keep repeating week 6 day 3 until I can run 2.25 miles within 22 min?

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What I would sometimes when I was at that point of the program was go the distance, even if it meant running through the cool down portion of the workout. If it said to try and get to 2.25 miles, I'd run til my MapMyRun app told me I was halfway to that point and then turn around.


The quicker times will come

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