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Not progressing

Guest Jessica

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Since I'm on a treadmill, it's easy to keep an even pace. My regular walking pace is about 2.7 mph, so I warm up at 3 mph. When I first started in June, I would increase speed to 4 mph for the jogging segments. This time I'm jogging at 3.5, and only the final jog is at 4.


Being back at week 1 is tough, I really thought I would have completed the program and run my first race by now. Tomorrow is day 3, so we'll see what happens! :)

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Hey new start, how have you been doing? I wouldn't even increase the last jog. Just go at a pace that is you can still talk through. This was my hardest thing to do, slowing down. I finally started counting my footfalls to my breathing. Deep breath in for three steps then quick out for two steps. Seems to work so far. And don't forget to breath with your belly.

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