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Hi all! I started this app the end of April and have been slowly moving along. I've had to repeat weeks and take time off for illnesses as well as a toe injury. I'm on week 6 and can't seem to get past it. I don't want to lose motivation as this is my 3rd time trying this app! I went back to week 5 hoping to boost my confidence. Week 5 day 3 was a b***h but I finally got through it. I haven't been able to run another 20+ minutes since though. Please tell me I'll get past my block?!?

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Guest TrishE

Switch it up! Find a new place to run and new music or even, dare I say, a new outfit?? These things all help to distract and help keep your mind on something different and fun.

Or if youd rather be more focused, do a run with no music and concentrate on breathing and your footfalls. This helps you see if your rhythms off or your posture is bad.

Try a new slower pace. I know its lame feeling like youre taking a step back but remember even though your time is slower your endurance is building.

These things almost always help me. I hope they help you too :) good luck!

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