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Newbie here! I would like to get some tips to you guys that are experienced in this kind of situation (English is not my native language so sorry for bad english :D ).


I am thinking over and over which one should I take, amino or whey? Here is the details of me:


23 years old


Height: 5 feet and 4 inches

Weight: 75 Kilos


Too much fat on both side of my chest (just like in the side of chest beneath the underarm, I don't know if these are man boobs, but yeah.)


What I am doing right now for 2 weeks is jogging, walking and diet. And I drink green tea 3x a day. Not working out like going to the gym but I am planning to go to the gym, that is why I would like to here from you guys which one should I take. 8 months ago I already go to the gym like for 5 months and I lose weight which is 10 kilos and I'm taking Amino Tab 2222. But now I really want to lose again some weight and to have a body with a shape (not bulky) just like a shaped body with abs, cuts, something like sexy if you are a man. Because I look chubby right now and I can't wear my old jeans and clothes.


Hoping to hear from you guys. Thanks in advance for the tips and help. :)

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Hi there,


Welcome here. Im not too familiar with Amino tabs at all. You ca look online and do some research on it. Let us know.


I am a Paleo person. Lately I have steered more towards Lots of protein, minmal everything else. I am down 20lbs And I do the 10k app a few times a week. My busy life has not had me in the gym a lot. I am losing weight and gaining muscle whilst eating lots of protein. I do pishups on counters as i walk by, lunges, squats, etc. using my own body weight.


Let us know what you find out. Good luck!!

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