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2015 goals

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What started all this was an invite from a friend of mine to do the Tough Mudder with him on Sept. 20th, so that's goal 1.


I figured I'd better make some kind of a plan to get there but not try to overdo it because I've "started" running at least 200 different times and usually it's lasted about a week. So I decided to start the c25k, that has me doing a 5k around father's day. Next up is a 10k which, if I stick to the schedule, should be right around my birthday on Sept 13th. Then the Tough Mudder a week later.


Not sure what my goals would be after that, but I have some ideas...I've never been a real runner before so setting goals beyond 10 kilometers sounds a little......uh......out there. Literally and figuratively.

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